Permanent Cathode/Cathode Blanks

About Permanent Cathode/Cathode Blanks

Titanium and Stainless steel cathodes made to client specifications. Durable cathodes manufactured in South Africa and used across Africa and the rest of the world, designed specifically for mining applications. Composite header bar, which is one of the strongest and most durable header bars available in the world today.

This header bar out performs any other header bar on the market in the short and long term. Robotic Weld benefit ensures seamless joints as like materials are joined – Stainless Steel Blade to Stainless Steel Header Bar, this greatly contributes to many years of trouble free usage in the Electro-winning and Electro Refining Environment.

  • Description: Titanium or Stainless Steel 316 L Cathodes
  • Finish: Metallic 2b finish, or as required
  • Sizes: Made to customer specifications
  • Material: Customer specification


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